We’re getting BIG!!!


This is only the beginning of something huge which will only lead to more and more visibility! The author of the article, Zoe Ruffner, was strolling through a Greenmarket shopping around when she was handed one of our flyers. Zoe laughed that she never reads flyers but this time she did and was intrigued. Zoe immediately downloaded the app and thought it was a great tool for her to not only use but to write about. Zoe reached out to us via our site and interviewed our founder, Kristin Zecher.

Read the full article here; http://www.vogue.com/13491283/aura-app-farm-to-table-food-restaurants-dining-out/

Zoe did a phenomenal job expressing our story and our founders dream! We thank Zoe and the volunteer that handed Zoe that flyer that led to this advantageous exposure that will lead to more and more press and the sole turning point in our success. Let’s work together to spread the word and encourage others to JOIN THE MOVEMENT. Be apart of the the shift to eating REAL FOOD!