We were honored to work the James Restaurant at the Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket during GrowNYC’s Craft Beverage Project to support, promote, and embrace NY’s local breweries, cideries and distilleries selling products made with local ingredients. #drinklocal On September September 24th 11am-1 chef was cooking up scrumptious crepes, we were showing off our app, and locals were enjoying it all while tasting all the local drinks!

James’ chef made Buckwheat Crepes which were a huge hit, we hope you enjoyed them! To make them yourself checkout the recipe from Chef Bryan Calvert himself!


Buckwheat Crepes

Recipe by Bryan Calvert for the Brooklyn Rustic. You can buy his cookbook here;

Active Time 15 minutes, Cooking Time 10 minutes, 4-6 large crepes


1 cup of buckwheat flour finely ground

Pinch of salt

1-teaspoon sugar, maple syrup or honey

3 large eggs

1-cup whole milk

1 tablespoons melted unsalted butter

3 tablespoon of butter for cooking


Drizzle Maple Syrup or Honey

Seasonal Fruit

Local Crème Fraiche


In a blender combine the flour, salt, chives, eggs, milk and melted butter. Mix on

a slow speed until the batter comes together. Let sit for up to 24 hours in the

refrigerator if possible.

To make the crepe, melt a ½ tablespoon of butter in a large (9 inch minimum)

seasoned or non-stick sauté pan on medium heat until the butter begins to foam.

Pour 3 ounces of batter in the center of the pan and immediately tilt the pan in a

circular motion to thinly spread the batter and form a large thin circle. The

thinner the better. Continue cooking for about 2 minutes. When the batter firms

up turn the crepe over and cook for an additional minute. Flip the crepe out on a

piece of parchment paper or large plate. Wipe the pan out and repeat until all the

batter is finished layering each crepe between a piece of parchment or wax

paper. Cover with plastic wrap if your not using the crepes right away so they

don’t dry out.

Serve warm with Honey, Fruit and Crème Fraiche.



Thanks to GrowNYC for having us again!