BLOG1Thank you to all of you who stopped by our Aura Rating booth today, June 04, 2016 at the Fort Greene Park Greenmarket!

The Greenmarket is located at the southeast corner of the Washington Park between DeKalb & Willoughby, Brooklyn, open on Saturdays, year-round (yes you read that correct, rain or shine, snow or not!).  Hosted by GrowNYC, a movement to provide and ensure food resource sustainability here in New York, you can expect only the freshest and healthiest (think organic) food brought to you by farmers in the region.

Aura Rating was there working alongside PRINT. – a farm-to-table restaurant located in Hell’s Kitchen – serving up refreshing treats of pickled radishes.  Just perfect for this hot and humid summer day.

To discover more farm-to-table restaurants such as PRINT., you can download our Aura Rating app, now available on iPhones App Store and coming soon to Google Play Store.