My mother and I went print tonight for dinner, great happening by yet relaxed vibes in dining room and superb service. But that’s not the only thing that was on point, the food was right on?

We’re both on pretty constricting diets for our New Years resolutions so accommodating those tight guidelines can be tough. There was so many options and the kitchen can be accomdating if need be which was a relief!

I had the Seabass topped with grilled calamari and replaced the potatoes with extra veggies. It melted in your mouth with an array of beautiful flavors. So light and refreshing! And boy was I full (I know what you’re thinking with a side of veg sub potatoes cmon, no im serious it was so so satisfying every single bite!)

My mom had the pistacho crusted halibut which I snuck a bite of! It was perfectly crusted golden with a fantastic pesto sauce. (Mine was better though! Shh)

We then head upstairs to the gorgeous Press Lounge! Not packed and not dead perfect atmosphere with spectacular views of the Hudson River, the city, fireplaces, and of course surrounded by the lit up pool outside. Just breathtaking, all though it took a while for our cocktail server the entire service it was definitely worth it, red wine and great conversation views and vibes – how can it not be!?

All of a sudden we see a bunch of people gathered over the Hudson side looking at something, curiously wondering what’s going on we go outside to suddenly an entire firework display for the Chinese New Year! It was the perfect surprise and a great ending to our a wonderful evening! It was the absolute pristine and exclusive spot to each such a show and we were right there front row and center! Shared this great surprise with friendly strangers even the Press Lounge staff!

Print for a quality farm-to-table dinner and a Drink (or 2) up on the 16th floor of the Press Lounge for the magical view is great spot for a date or special occasion! What a beautiful and well worth treat for our mother daughter date night 🙂